• What We Do

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We’re a small team, but maybe (in part) because of this fact we’ve worked very hard to find creative and unique ways to productively produce at high volume the highest quality products right here in Canada. Our top priority is to our flagship SKRP brand of products (watches, sunglasses, wallets) as well as our accessories (bow ties, rings, belts, coasters and cutting boards). We’re always playing with new product ideas/concepts all the time and tend to feature them on Instagram. So make sure to connected!

Our Sunglasses

After months of R&D, prototyping and testing we officially started creating our own line of wooden recycled skateboard sunglasses here in Ottawa, Canada! Throughout this process we have made significant upgrades to the process, manufacturing and also to the sunglasses themselves that included, thinner arms/temples, a new frame design as well as new hinges and polarized lenses. We are super proud of the work we've done and can't wait for you to get your hands on your own!


Since we started selling our wallets/card holders made from recycled snowboards we've teamed up with large and small shops, distributors, manufactures and ski hills from across Canada and the US to build recycle programs to keep as many snowboards out of the landfill as we can!  We recently went over the 500 snowboards recycled and have no intention of slowing down!  Check out the shop to get one of your own!

Our Collaborations

Want something really special, that you can proudly say was ‘Made In Canada’ for the company you work for, your wedding party, corporate event, conference or trade show. Whatever the event, get in touch and we’ll help you bring your ideas to reality and hopefully exceed your expectations! Here’s a few examples of great client projects we’ve had the pleasure to work on: