These watches are made by me right here in Canada out of…recycled snowboards, that’s right, recycled snowboards! The case is the topsheet of the snowboard, graphics in all their beauty. My way of bringing the snowboard back to life! The dial is the inner core, under a layer of fibreglass is usually laminated wood.

As far as I know these are the only watches in the world made from recycled snowboards! Totally unique for that winter sport lover in your life.

This is 1 of the first 10 that I have brought into full production after months of R&D and prototyping, so if you own this watch, you own a real piece of my history and journey.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 9 cm
Recycled Wooden Snowboard Watch #madeincanada
Recycled Wooden Snowboard Watch #madeincanada